Kinesics wants to live in a world that is free from musculoskeletal pain

Kinesics is a musculoskeletal risk mitigation company that believes in the power of objective data, preventative analytics, and a proactive approach to exercise, therapy, and healthcare. Together, we can move freely and live fully.


Kinesics educates & supports human movement professionals

The Kinesics Platform delivers cutting-edge industry tools and education to support human movement professionals to identify musculoskeletal risk for injury and pain prevention, data-driven exercise programs and therapeutic interventions.


Gerald Drefahl, CEO

Gerald Drefahl is a renowned expert and innovator in the fields of rehabilitation and corrective kinesiology. Drefahl developed the Kinesics App and pioneered the KITT business model at his own private pay integrated wellness facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Since inception, XX facilities have successfully implemented the KITT Model and professionals around the globe are using the Kinesics App.


Jheri Corb

Director of Client Strategies

Mathew Rhorer

Data Analytics Manager


Christian DaiglE

Director of Communications

Ashleigh Keller

Operations Manager

Niki Driscoll

Director of Marketing

Shelby Toups

Marketing Intern