Learn about the Kinesics product suite

Kinesics product suite is a step-by-step educational process and best practices model for professionals who conduct range of motion evaluations including: allied health, fitness, wellness, and medical professionals. When you sign up as a Kinesics Referral Partner, you receive access to our online training to educate you on our products and time-tested recommendations on the most successful sales approach per product. If you are successful, then we are successful!


Learn to Sell: KPEC and Halo

It all starts with the KPEC course which teaches a standardized process for taking range of motion measurements with the most accurate tool on the market, the Halo Digital Device. In this learn to sell course, we educate you on the benefits of the Halo Digital Device and why our eLearning platform makes the switch to using a Halo—easy and appealing.

Learn to Sell: Kinesics App

The Kinesics Software App analyzes the data collected from range of motion measurements to provide professionals a way to identify and address musculoskeletal risk in the form of postural and muscle imbalances. In this learn to sell course, we educate you on all of the features and benefits of the Kinesics Software App per professional market.

Learn to Sell: Evaluations

Gather a network of Kinesics Qualified Providers and service bulk Kinesics evaluations to large organizations as part of employee wellness initiatives, athletic teams, health and fitness centers. In this learn to sell course, we provide you with the step-by-step process to sell bulk evaluations to the organizations that service patients, athletes, clients, and employees.


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