The Missing Component in Biometric Screenings—Workplace Wellness That Works

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Biometric screenings have quickly become the cornerstone of many “workplace wellness” programs. These screenings are designed to help employers identify unhealthy trends among employees.

However, if the employer doesn’t offer solutions that include regular screenings, use employee feedback and offer programs and counseling, then what’s the point of the screenings in the first place?

For employers, screenings without solutions often result in employees not seeing the benefits, which tends to lead to disengagement. Disengagement results in skewed data from lack of participation and only the employees who are “scared” into changing a trend will be proactive. As evidenced by this study, the lack of participation results in too little data to actually make a meaningful difference to justify the cost of the screenings.

Employees are starting to get tired of the same old redundant screenings year over year. Even worse are those employers who do offer excellent programs and counseling to address the trends, but don’t have enough meaningful data, resulting in many employees being resistant to changes.

WHAT IF there was a program that employers could add on to current biometric screenings that would increase participation and engagement? 

WHAT IF this program enabled employees to see it as a personal benefit to them and not something that is forced?

WHAT IF instead of bombarding employees into eating better and exercising more, or enticing them with interactive games and subjective data collection, we allow them to define their purpose and the employer provide the plan?

Whether it’s sustaining productivity, getting out of pain, staying out of pain, or simply living a more active lifestyle, the ultimate goal for employers and employees is a healthy, productive workforce. 

...or simply living a more active lifestyle, the ultimate goal for employers and employees is a healthy, productive workforce. 
— Jheri Corb

With Kinesics, an employer can provide a way for employees to invest their time in reaching their true physical potential. The average investment per employee would constitute a non-invasive, 30-minute evaluation and bi-monthly 10-minute check-ins.

Theoretically, once employees start to believe in themselves, the more action they’ll take to move more and do more, which can result in better biometrics. Better Biometrics is a win-win for both employees and employers. The Kinesics condensed evaluation, when used as part of a workforce biometric screening program, provides the employer with a more meaningful rationale for their workplace wellness program by showing the employees a shared responsibility of health!  

What’s even better is if an employer offers a wellness program that allows its employees to contribute to something greater than themselves, it will get and keep them interested without monetary bribes.

Research has shown that lasting behavior change doesn’t happen without intrinsic motivation. Creating conditions within a workplace wellness program that supports intrinsic motivation is a smarter investment of resources.  If employers put their core effort into identifying ways to engage people, they can really transform their entire culture and ignite an epidemic of health!

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Jheri Corb