Movement Pattern Evaluation Series: Vertical Push

What is it?

A vertical push pattern such as overhead pressing occurs in the frontal plane. Like the horizontal push pattern, it can be executed with a variety of implements such as barbells, dumb bells, and cables. And there are a number of variations such as bilateral, alternating, and reciprocal arm movements. 

Why is it important to assess? 

As the arms move overhead, the scapulae are supposed to move in outward rotation and elevation. Upon termination of the movement the scapulae should be inwardly rotated and depressed. Unfortunately, this is rarely what we see in practice—the scapulae are often inactive, the arms dysfunctionally carry the movement and place a tremendous amount of stress on the shoulder creating wear and tear in the joint and surrounding muscles.

How do you assess vertical push pattern? 

Download this Vertical Push Pattern Worksheet for assessing your clients!

Niki Driscoll