What Makes a Kinesics Facility Unique?

 FITT, a Kinesics Provider Facility located in Baton Rouge, La

FITT, a Kinesics Provider Facility located in Baton Rouge, La

It is critical to understand that most facilities are designed to dumb down the professional, disengage the customer, and usurp the exact KPI’s they are after…. whether your customer is a patient, client, athlete or employee, the ultimate goal is increasing customer (patient, client, employee, and athlete) engagement, retention, and revenue. 

We have to understand the 4 Corner Model of Human Development – what truly drives people to not just change, but change in the right direction and for the right reason.

Action, Potential, Results, Belief. 

We have to show customers the results for their time spent.  To do that, you have to establish a baseline, a quantitative baseline (something you can actually measure) and make sure every aspect of their experience, every minute of every visit aligns with why they are there; with them achieving those results.  Increases engagement, retention, and revenue are the byproducts / results of running the Kinesics process on a consistent basis.

When most facilities look at square footage as amount of equipment, number of customers, and ancillary items like locker rooms, showers, etc., Kinesics looks at square footage as how many professionals can we hire and how many people they can help. See, Kinesics looks at how facilities can make money with equipment, not spend money on equipment.

Most facilities have to put in enormous amounts of equipment because they have no process, no purpose, no system, no WHY.  When you have the education, knowledge, and passion cultivated in every professional, it transcends to every customer no matter who they work with.

 Eclipse Lakefront Fitness, a Kinesics Provider Facility located in Rockwall, TX

Eclipse Lakefront Fitness, a Kinesics Provider Facility located in Rockwall, TX


Results Kinesics facilities deliver standardization across the board.  Standardizing the process behind every customers purpose (goals) to deliver a consistent experience and exceed their expectations. 

The first step is to standardize the evaluation process. 

While most facilities focus only on aesthetics as goals, Kinesics facilities focus on identifying asymmetries and imbalances that may impede the person from reaching their goals. Kinesics facilities utilize our proprietary evaluation software, ensuring every professional is able to evaluate the person, collect the data, and be held accountable to have the knowledge they need to deliver results around that person’s purpose (their why).

Belief Objectives, goals and tasks.  Once you evaluate the person, know their objectives and set their goals, it’s time to design the plan, we call this their “program”.  Designing a program is all about data driven decisions. The best professionals that deliver the greatest results are the ones that understand what to do with that data and how to translate that into communicating and motivating each customer to change – give them the belief that they can change.

Action – Once the customer has the belief they can change, they take more action.  Ultimately, they become more accountable and consistent in implementing their program, our plan, and they see their potential for change.  They see their potential to reach those objectives that brought them to us, their WHY. This is done by consistent action, progression and communication.  Kinesics’ proprietary process of combining therapy based protocols with integrated training based exercises, centered around what we are best at – cable based training. Delivering over 17 levels of progressions, to ensure the customer never becomes stagnant and always reach their goals.

Potential – We don’t change people.  People are going to change, we all change – every minute of every day, it’s just what direction are we changing, which way are we going. At Kinesics, people define the purpose and we provide the plan.

So, whether its improving athletic performance, getting out of pain, staying out of pain, increasing strength and endurance, or just simply living a more active lifestyle; Kinesics ensures every customer invests their time and doesn’t just spend their time on reaching their true physical potential.

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