Business Case Study: Baton Rouge General Hospital

Baton Rouge General (BRG) has operated in Baton Rouge for more than 115 years, offering a full range of healthcare services. It has two hospital campuses in Baton Rouge, and nearly 600 licensed beds.  

In 2012, the hospital’s Human Resources department launched BRG Fit, an employee wellness program which includes clinical, nutrition, metabolic, and fitness components. 

BRG’s Lead Trainer, Amanda Parker, is a trained Kinesics Provider and conducts Kinesics Evaluations as part of BRG’s pre-hire screening assessment. 

“We have gotten really great feedback about this program. People love to receive more information about their bodies. It’s safe to say that adding this to the pre-hire screening has enhanced feelings of company loyalty and morale; new employees feel like we’re investing in them.”


Before implementing Kinesics programming into their pre-hire screenings and employee wellness protocol, BRG used an established traditional assessment platform for employees and clients of their Health & Wellness Center for musculoskeletal assessments. On average, the original assessment system screenings took several hours to complete, and clients found it challenging to carve out that much time from their schedules for these appointments. Follow-ups were sparse. Beyond that, there was no quick access to reports. Data captured during the screening had to be loaded into the original software application.  Reports would generate a week later, and the client was scheduled to come in for another appointment. The process was cumbersome. 


Full implementation of Kinesics programming occurred in under 30 days.  The implementation included app integration, staff training and education.  Kinesics has proven to be efficient for BRG. Full-body reports generate with one click, and programs can be designed in as little as 5 minutes inside of the application. 

BRG initially used Kinesics Evaluations as a pilot for part of the pre-hire screening program for their Nutritional Care workers. Employees in this department tend to experience slips, falls, and strains from kitchen work and the heavy lifting involved in moving cases of food on and off shelves. Each pre-hire completed a Kinesics evaluation and received 5-8 flexibility and mobility activities to work on at home.  Conducting this pilot group allowed the BRG Fitness Team an opportunity to assess and tweak internal process flows related to the evaluations.  As a result, Kinesics evaluations have become a standard component of BRG’s onboarding process and are now offered to all pre-hires.  Initial data shows, since implementation of the evaluations as a standard pre-hire component, the group assessed has not reported any workers compensation related incidents.  This is very promising considering the assessed group includes many occupations in high musculoskeletal risk groups.  

Additional Results. 

After seeing noted success of the evaluations with their pre-hire group, BRG created another initiative in which they designed a strengthening program specific to First Responders and Law Enforcement personnel. This pilot group included participants from BRG’s Security Department.  Participants received a comprehensive Kinesics evaluation, along with individualized flexibility and mobility programs.  There were notable improvements in musculoskeletal health for participants that were both active and complaint. Overall, a 42% improvement was reported in severe restrictions for the pilot group.  This mutually exclusive pilot has since been replicated with local EMT’s.  

BRG has a Community Partnership with a local employer for employees and dependents covered under their health plan. Health plan participants seeking Bariatric surgery are enrolled in a multi-component program that includes a Kinesics Comprehensive Evaluation as well as flexibility and mobility interventions both pre- and post-surgery. Program participants enjoyed the support and one patient withdrew from the surgery due to the overall success of the program. Based on this success, BRG is exploring additional opportunities with orthopedic procedures. 

 “Baton Rouge General is a proud partner of Kinesics.”

Christian Daigle