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Kinesics gives the professional the applicable skills to know the What, How and When behind exercise selection and program design. It also helps explain to participants the WHY behind every exercise chosen.

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Self-Paced Learning

Short videos between 2–10 minutes long means you don't need a ton of time to make progress and earn CEUs!


CEU Approval

Approved CEU providers for the leading organizations in personal training, athletic training, and physical therapy


Available on Any Device

Access the education platform on your phone, tablet, or personal computer


Interactive Content

Enjoy an immersive learning experience including asynchronous video lectures, pdf manuals, and an interactive community of prefessionals


Social Learning

Ask questions, share ideas and network with other Kinesics professionals on the forum.



Course progress is fun and rewarding with industry giveaways, badges and bragging rights

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We created the Kinesics education platform to revolutionize the way movement professionals provide training and therapy to those they work with.
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Course Overview


The Kinesics education platform is a comprehensive solution providing the professional with all the tools needed to effectively assess, address and correct the human body by designing and implementing integrated training and therapy programs.




This course teaches the foundational beliefs, concepts and principles surrounding our Kinesics Integrated Training and Therapy (KITT) methodology and evaluation software. In this online course, you will acquire the necessary practical education needed to understand how the Kinesics training courses allow you to restore optimum function to the human body and how the Kinesics evaluation courses allow you to assess it as one integrated human movement system. Learn More


Kinesics Training Course 1 provides the professional with the knowledge needed to properly instruct and effectively institute a corrective exercise based program. This course centered around rehabilitative based concepts and corrective exercises, not only gives the professional the what and how behind each exercise module, but provides the WHY for addressing restrictions, deviations and compensations that occur in more advanced and integrated exercises. Learn More


An industry inspiration, Kinesics Training Course 2, is centered around our area of expertise, cable based training. It gives the professional the applicable knowledge needed to fully instruct and implement cable based training exercises with general strength training exercises. KTC 2 can be combined with the foundational principles and corrective exercises that make up KTC 1 to give the professional everything they need to create a successful integrated training and therapy program. Learn More


An innovation in evaluating human movement that is built around our proprietary evaluation software. Kinesics Evaluation Courses are designed to give the professional all the information and skills needed to have the confidence to efficiently evaluate the human body, account for and effectively address its deviations, restrictions and imbalances to restore peak physical function and symmetry. Learn More


Kinesics Practical Evaluation Course is designed to deliver the skills and competence to conduct arthrokinematic and osteokinematic range of motion assessments using the Halo digital measurement device. The HALO digital measurement device is an FDA and TGA approved measurement tool that combines the capabilities of the goniometer, inclinometer and petrometer into one measurement tool. By the end of this course, the practitioner will be proficient in the execution of 43 range of motion measurements, the implementation of a standardized process for evaluation with customization features, and have the ability to quickly and objectively collect and record data. Learn More


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Education Overview

Kinesics courses are hosted online in a multimedia format so you and your employees keep a competitive professional edge while earning CEU’s. The short video format followed by a 1-3 question quiz allows you to progress without scheduling large time blocks.


  • Who is this course for?

    It is recommended that participants have a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology and training principles prior to taking Kinesics courses. Participants and professionals should have experience and backgrounds in personal training, physical therapy, athletic training, massage therapy, and have a university degree or hold an accredited certification or license in a related field.

  • What is the time requirement for Kinesics courses?

    Kinesics was designed for the busy professional who wants to further their education and gain a professional edge. While the subject matter is advanced, the videos were designed to be short and concise. The average video is around 5 minutes long, the shortest video around 2 minutes and the longest video is roughly 9 minutes long. The platform is viewable from any device so it is easy to login and watch as many videos as you have time for in any given session. If all you have is 5 minutes, that is great!

  • Where do I direct questions related to the course content?

    You can email support@kinesicshms.com.

  • What organizations is Kinesics approved as a continuing education provider?

    Kinesics has been approved by NASM, AFAA, LPTA, and ACSM. We are currently in the process of seeking approval from a number of organizations in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training and personal training.


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