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+ What are ROM measurements and why are they important?

Range of motion measures the joint and surrounding muscles. Each joint has an ideal range of motion. Restricted range of motion is a risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

+ How does taking ROM measurements help prevent injury?

Proactively taking ROM measurements allows professionals to identify areas of restrictions and assign a flexibility and mobility activity. Restoring optimal flexibility and mobility reduces compensatory patterns that may cause abnormal wear and tear.

+ What countries is the app available in?

United Status, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and United Kingdom

Why Kinesics?

+ Who should use Kinesics?

Fitness, wellness, and allied health professionals can use the Kinesics App to improve musculoskeletal health and assign preventative flexibility and mobility programs. Business owners, executives, and HR professionals may implement Kinesics to enhance employee wellness and safety initiatives. Check out some of our favorite business success stories here.

+ What makes the Kinesics software different than other assessments?

Great question! Other assessments gather subjective information and require the professional to make inferences. Kinesics is 100% objective and actionable data. The proof is in the numbers.

+ What kind of data will I get from the Kinesics App?

You’ll receive a full picture of muscle balance, alignment and symmetry in one click. Reports feature a color-coded avatar, each measurement as a percentage of the ideal, asymmetry percentages, and the overall, whole-body percent of ideal. Re-assess or re-evaluate and compare the data over time.

+ What are MSDs?

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) include injury or pain in muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. They can be caused by repetivie movements, static and poor postures, faulty body mechanics, poor ergonomic conditions, and lack of recovery from these positions in a work day.

MSDs are expensive, too. They account for $16-50 billion in direct costs annually, and 50% of all work absences lasting 3 or more days. High job demands, low social support and overall job strain are positively correlated with a higher risk of MSDs.

+ How can Kinesics improve musculoskeletal health?

Kinesics seeks to identify and address areas of musculoskeletal restriction prior to the onset of pain or injury. Areas of restriction are assigned flexiblity and mobility activities.

+ How widespread of a problem are MSDs?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 31.8 new cases of Musculoskeletal Disorders per 10,000 full-time workers are due to overexertion, bodily reaction or repetitive motions. Proactive interventions reduce the risk of injury and the cost associated with the reactive approach to health care.

Getting Started

+ What subscription do I need? I want to use Kinesics…

For myself and my clients: Great! We love your approach to muscle balance and postural alignment. You would do best with a Single User Subscription.

In my facility: Awesome! We can’t wait to enhance your facility with this proactive approach. Your best bet is the Business Platform—we'll help you with succesful implementation. Contact us at

In my business: Thank you for your interest in employee wellness! You’re at the Enterprise level. Kinesics reports identify target populations and monitor progress of employees as they move through the Musculoskeletal Health Program. Contact to set up an informational phone call.

Want to read some case studies about people who have seen results? Check here for you.

+ Can I customize the stretch program when I get into the app?

Yes! The Kinesics App is intuitive—it suggests stretches and self-myofascial releases relative to the measurement taken. The program variables are also pre-populated with reps, sets, hold time, and the number of days in the program. But, it’s also 100% customizable.

+ What stretches are in the Kinesics App database?

The app database has over 200 flexibility and mobility activities including AIS, static stretches, dynamic stretches and self-myofascial release. We recommend the Kinesics Flexibility and Mobility Program Design eCourse to learn best practices for creating Kinesics in-app programs with range of motion measurement data.

+ How do my participants access their stretch programs?

Participants are sent an email invitation once you complete their user profile including their email address. They can download the Kinesics App (it’s free!) to access their Flexibility and Mobility programs and video tutorials. For less tech-savvy participants, you have the option to print their program out for them.

+ Is the Kinesics App a diagnostic tool?

The Kinesics App is not a diagnostic tool. Rather, the app is a data collection and analysis tool. It provides quantifiable data to make it easy for the professional to make an informed decisions. While the app does make intuitive recommendations per measurement, the professional always maintains autonomy in assigning the program variables. Kinesics recommends professionals use all 3 views of musculoskeletal health reports when designing programs.


+ Is the Kinesics App compatible with all smart phones and browsers?

The Kinesics App requires Android 5.1 and up and IOS 10.0 or later.

+ Need tech support?

Shoot us an email at

+ How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact us at and request your cancellation and include the effective date.


+ Difficulty logging in?

Search your inbox for the email delivered on the date you registered for the course. The sender is ‘The Kinesics Elearning Team’ and the subject line is ‘Kinesics Login Details [SAVE THIS EMAIL]’.

Clink the link in the email. You can change your assigned password to a custom password by going to your user profile inside the elearning platform and clicking, change password.

+ How do I get my certificate of completion?

Click the Download Certificate of Completion button upon completion of the last module. You must pass all modules in order to receive credit for the course. You have 3 attempts without penalty to pass each quiz with a score of 70% or higher. All downloads must be complete prior to the expiration of the course. You will also receive a copy of your certificate via email once the course is complete.


+ I am interested in getting an evaluation. Where do I go from here?

Here’s a database of Kinesics providers by state.

+ What should I do/wear before my first evaluation?

Prior to your appointment, don’t do any strenuous activities or stretches the day of the evaluation. Wear or bring non-restrictive clothing that is free of belt loops. Pants should be able to be rolled up above the knee.


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