Features You Will Love


With the Kinesics software, professionals can effortlessly evaluate any body to identify imbalances, asymmetries and possible hidden sources of functional limitations. The software allows the professionals to select recommended stretches and mobilizations specific for each individual based on the unique data their body provides.


Customize Evaluation Templates

Create unlimited templates from over 70 biometrics to determine joint range of motion restrictions, muscle length tension imbalances, and posture deviations


Efficient Data Collection

Perform double the number of assessments in half the time, with the ability to asses the entire body in under 45 minutes 


Extensive Detailed Report

Includes graphs, charts and visual aids summarizing evaluation data, dramatically increasing levels of participant engagement


Flexibility and Mobility Database

Includes database of over 300 corrective stretches and mobilizations to design a customized plan—ranging from basic to advanced


Performance Tracker

Track participant's dedication throughout their assigned programs using daily check-ins and notifications, improving participant accountability 


Real Time Outcomes and Results

Re-assess individual measurements throughout the assigned program to immediately see outcomes and results 


Analyze Group Data

One size fits all doesn't exist, normative reference ranges included. Categorize, analyze and compare data with our grouping feature 


Communication Portal

Stay connected to participants through a communication portal to address any concerns and questions


Custom Reporting

Generate and export a detailed report based on both individual and group analytics