FITT: Integrated Health and Wellness Studio

Functionally Integrated Training and Therapy (FITT), is an integrated health and wellness studio with a staff of 15 personal trainers, 2 massage therapists, 1 dietician, and 1 physical therapist.

All FITT staff are trained in the Kinesics Evaluation and App. Every new client starts their FITT journey with the Kinesics evaluation, providing the trainers with a foundation to develop safe, data-driven programming and quantifiable results. 

Since implementing Kinesics in 2017, appointment numbers have increased drastically. FITT saw a 56% increase on evaluations serviced from 2017 to 2018.

“With Kinesics it’s about the whole body health, not just losing weight. Otherwise, we’d just be another gym.”


FITT wanted to increase their client retention rate and capture good rapport with existing clients. Prior to using Kinesics, FITT used Digital Movement Screens and Biotonix. The upfront and ongoing investments for the specific equipment and supplies necessary to conduct these assessments weren’t time or cost effective. Furthermore, clients disliked the tight-fitting clothes that are required for these assessments.


Implementing Kinesics in 2017 gave FITT a new overall model that distinguished it from other personal training centers.

At other facilities, a typical fitness consultation consists of a weigh-in, body fat measurements, and subjective flexibility tests. The concept of addressing muscle balance by taking range of motion measurements is cutting edge for the personal training industry. At FITT, all personal trainers provide Kinesics evaluations and design Flexibility and Mobility Programs from the objective data collected. The key is re-scheduling clients for re-evaluations and new programs on regular intervals. It’s an entire business model that gives the staff a consistent overall objective. 

“Instead of just losing weight, with Kinesics, it’s about the whole body health. Otherwise, we’d be just another gym.”

FITT has a standardized process in place. All trainers implement a foundational training program for new clients. This includes corrective stretches and exercises. Client stretch and training programs progress based on health history, safety considerations, and the client’s individual goals. 

The whole system helps to keep clients engaged. “Our facility sends out appointment reminders, and trainers are encouraged to follow up on their client’s re-evaluations.”

Both the trainers and the front desk have access to schedule evaluations on the dashboard, and the leadership team can monitor all activity from the web portal. Transparency and open access means that less clients slip through the cracks.


In 2017, FITT made a big conversion to the Kinesics model. The following year, the total number of evaluations completed went up by 56%. FITT credits this success to the application’s ease of use and a decrease in on-boarding time for new trainers. 

Kinesics provides facilities with online learning so new staff members can onboard quickly and easily. Prior to Kinesics, on-boarding a new staff member took 4 months. Kinesics online education cut the on-boarding time down to 1.5 months—nearly 160% faster. Additionally, the new trainers are able to begin generating revenue and personal income by servicing evaluations while they build a regular client base. 

FITT also generates additional revenue by servicing external Kinesics accounts. FITT has an annual contract with a collegiate gymnastics team to conduct full evaluations pre- and post-season, as well as every 6 weeks during the season. FITT also services Kinesics’ workforce account with Turner Industries—evaluating and designing Flexibility and Mobility Programs for Turner employees. The Kinesics Model provides personal trainers with a more versatile business. Personal trainers don’t have to be confined to a gym or the odd hours that are typical of the industry. This system makes it possible to have a more diverse client base, as well as remote clients who check in every 6 weeks for an evaluation and a new program.

Christian Daigle