LVWellness: Kinesics Powered Facility

LV Wellness and Aesthetics is a Kinesics-powered facility in Magnolia, Texas.

The facility boasts 6,000 square feet and draws in its large customer base with a comprehensive aesthetic service menu. Fitness and wellness services are an obvious adjunct to those seeking aesthetic services. But, LV Wellness and Aesthetics offers more than what is expected. By including the Kinesics Evaluation as part of its fitness and wellness services, members have the opportunity to rebalance their physique while improving posture, and relieving musculoskeletal tension, aches, and pains. 

“To be truly healthy, you need to devote attention to musculoskeletal health. Those aches and pains people have but shrug off as part of life…are significant It’s not until they see the Kinesics Avatar that it all makes sense.”

Company structure: A one-stop wellness facility

All new LV Wellness and Aesthetics members receive a free Kinesics consultation. Clients learn how a full-body range of motion evaluation and an individualized mobility program supports their personal goals. 


The on-site Kinesics Provider, Kendall Mehlhorn is a personal trainer, massage therapist, and chiropractic therapist. She was trained to conduct range of motion measurements with a goniometer six years ago, but before using the Kinesics software, Kendall found it challenging to explain body imbalances to patients. She had accurate measurements, but her clients didn’t understand their significance. They were just numbers on a page.

Now with the Kinesics App, in one-click, Kendall can generate a full-body, color-coded avatar that represent’s the client’s muscle asymmetries and imbalances. 

“The avatar makes it easy. It makes people want to come back for re-evaluations and new programs. They love seeing their progress—it’s motivating.”


Mehlhorn was most impressed with the accuracy and efficiency of the Kinesics program. “In 15 minutes you can complete a ROM evaluation and have their results pulled up on an iPad.” 

After the evaluation, Melhorn walks every client through their results and designs them a Flexibility and Mobility Program to support their personal training efforts and guide the treatment strategy for wellness and soft tissue therapy.


LV Wellness and Aesthetics chose Kinesics evaluations for its simplicity and versatility. The fact that the evaluations can be done anywhere with nothing but a measurement tool, massage table, and a smart device is a big perk. It’s this benefit that has allowed the LV Wellness to expand its Kinesics service offering to athletic facilities and sports teams looking for an injury prevention solution. 

“We just bring the Halo and an iPad, and we can take it anywhere. It’s efficient, effective and accurate, and the patients like it because they can stay clothed.” 

In the future, LV Wellness and Aesthetics has plans to continue expanding its Kinesics Evaluation service to sports teams and athletic programs in their local area.

Christian Daigle