Alyssa DiMarco: Athlete Evaluator

Alyssa DiMarco of Los Angeles, California, has a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness and wellness incorporating certifications in STOTT Pilates, NASM Personal Training, and a strong background in dance.

Always on a quest for education, DiMarco wants to offer her clients individualized, evidence-based plans. She has been using the Kinesics App and Evaluation in her practice for 2 years, and has seen success with clients, an elevated professional perception, and greater marketability in the competitive fitness and wellness landscape.


For actors, performers, models, and athletes, the body is their livelihood. Injury means no pay check. There is a huge market potential for injury prevention, but with so many fitness and wellness studios in Los Angeles, it’s hard to stand out. 

Before implementing Kinesics, DiMarco researched a few different functional movement screening methods, but none were data-driven. “Kinesics is so accurate. You don’t have to guess.” 


It is easy for DiMarco’s trained eye to see body imbalances on a dancer or performer, but harder to relay that information in a concise and constructive take-home way. Kinesics eliminates subjectivity. And when you’re dealing with someone’s career, you shouldn’t guess. The proof is all in-app, in the numbers, and on the avatar.

Kinesics is a value-add for clients who have already benefitted from her training services or STOTT PILATES class. After an evaluation, Alyssa works one-on-one with clients to develop a 6 - 18 week personal plan.


Before implementing the Kinesics model, DiMarco offered personalized training and pilates only. She saw a higher client turnover rate, and new faces in the studio every day. 

Now, she markets toward the people who are trying to invest in their body’s functionality. She’s shifted her target market from those who simply want to work out, to the people who want to invest in a full-body transformation. Ultimately, this client base is more profitable. 

DiMarco plans to expand her practice to more dance studios. As someone who has sustained an injury before, she’s empathetic to those who are immobilized by injury. And as a dancer, she knows that the body is the craft.