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Get The Skills, Strategies, and Tools You Need To Build a Lucrative Personal Training Business

Kinesics is more than an app. It’s a business model.

The world is evolving and it’s all about data now. The personal training industry is no different. There is a growing demand for objective assessments and data-driven programs. Stand out as an expert and build a lucrative personal training business with range of motion assessments and the Kinesics App. Even if you’ve never taken range of motion measurements or designed a Flexibility and Mobility Program from ROM data—we’ll show you how.


How Does the Kinesics app work?

The Days Of Visual Assessments And Guessing Are Gone.

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We’re in a data-driven era—and objective measurements are where it’s at.

Give your participants the exact stretches they need for their unique body.

Every joint has an optimal range of motion, measured in degrees. If the measurement isn’t within normal range, Kinesics App will call-it-out so you can assign a stretch.  Don’t guess. Know for sure—with the Kinesics App.



Choose from 1 of 2 full body, range of motion measurement templates—The Comprehensive or the Condensed. Unrivaled in thoroughness, the Comprehensive Evaluation Template includes 43 measurements from each region of the body—neck to ankle and everything in between. The Condensed Evaluation Template provides full body information from 25 ROM measurements—it’s a slightly zoomed-out view.



Generate results in 1-click. Kinesics App Results Report provides a multi-level view of musculoskeletal health for the overall body, per body segment, and per measurement.

Get a full picture of the musculoskeletal system’s muscle balance, alignment, and symmetry in 1-click. Reports feature a color-coded body avatar, each measurement’s percent of ideal, the percent of asymmetry from right to left, and the overall percent of ideal for the whole body. Re-evaluate and compare results over time to monitor progress—it’s that simple.


Program Design

The Kinesics App is intuitive and recommends flexibility and mobility activities relative to the measurement taken. You have full autonomy to select your own program variables. The app database has over 200 flexibility and mobility activities including AIS, Static Stretches, Dynamic Stretches, and Self Myofascial Release (SMFR). The app takes a 1 hour process and compresses it into 10 minutes—efficiency rocks!


Participant Access

Participants can access their programs, check-in, and view video tutorials to feel confident executing programs on their own—all inside the Kinesics App Participant Portal.


In-App Education

Kinesics supports your intellectual pursuits for continued education and professional development. Love the idea of our app but need to learn How to Take Range of Motion Measurements, or The Science of Program Design? We got you covered! With Kinesics video tutorials it’s easy to learn and best of all you earn 8 continuing education credits with a passing score of 70%.

Group Dashboard & Reporting

View and export the Group Musculoskeletal Health Index (MHI) in real time, and compare up to 3 Individuals within a group.

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Participant Dashboard

View Participant Evaluation Details, Compare up to 3 Previous Individual Evaluation Reports, and export individual participant Evaluation Results.


What are people saying…

“A lot of my clients have aesthetic goals and they love the fact that flexibility programs can help improve their overall appearance by addressing muscle balance and symmetry. I tell my clients when the body is in biomechanical alignment, it encourages the proper activation of muscles which helps to achieve the shape you’re looking for.”

- Jane Smith, Personal Trainer

“The Kinesics App provides me with a process—from evaluation and program design to re-evaluation. This is a client retention tool.”

Scott Moerschell BA, NSCA CPT


Master the Skills

Whether You’re A Seasoned Trainer Or A Total Beginner

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In less time than it takes to binge-watch a season of your favorite show…

you can become an expert on range of motion measurements and program design from the data you collect.

Designed for busy-on-go professionals, each course is about an hour of video run time. Position yourself as leader in the field of personal training, increase your value and rates, and be booked solid.



In this course you will learn…

ROM measurements allow you to discover exactly which muscles and joints are restricted or tight. Learn how to conduct 43 ROM measurements using a digital goniometer. This is the most comprehensive course on ROM—from the cervical spine to the ankle, the whole body is covered! *This digital goniometer is required.

47 short video tutorials
1 Hour run time
3 printable manuals
3-5 quiz questions per video
8 CEU credits for NSCA, ACSM, ACE, NASM, AFAA, Canfitpro, BOC


Flexibility and Mobility Program Design

In this course you will learn…

The correlation between muscle-length tension, posture and movement mechanics

4 types of flexibility and mobility activities—as well as the benefits, indications, and contraindications for each

How to design a Flexibility and Mobility program using the Kinesics ROM measurement data

How to conduct a Kinesics ROM results review session

7 videos
1 Hour run time
1 printable manual

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Revenue Generation with Kinesics

In this course you will learn…

The process, the sales pitch, and supportive business materials to market range of motion evaluations using the Kinesics App

Capture new clients and improve client retention

Offer new service lines to diversify your business

Land accounts in corporate wellness, athletics, and build a strong referral network with healthcare professionals

Get access to a multi-media library of video links, printouts, and pre-written email templates

Increase your value and professionalism with high-quality handouts to prepare your participants for their evaluation

7 Videos
1 Hour run time


What are people saying…

“Being able to deliver professional reports sets me apart in the fitness industry. And my clients have a greater respect for the programs I give them because they're backed by data.”

Emilie Mestayer, BS, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

“This is perfect for my athletes to help improve their biomechanics and prevent injury.”

Brandon Albin, Athletic Trainer


What’s Inside

Unlimited use of the Kinesics App and Kinesics eLearning Academy including streaming videos, downloadable manuals, business resources and marketing materials.

Join our community of subscribers today.

What are people saying…

“Being able to deliver professional reports sets me apart in the fitness industry. And my clients have a greater respect for the programs I give them because they're backed by data.”

Emilie Mestayer, BS, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

“This is perfect for my athletes to help improve their biomechanics and prevent injury.”

Brandon Albin, Athletic Trainer


Diversify Your Business With Different Services 

Imagine Having an Organized, Scientifically Valid Process to Structure Your Client Interactions

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What can you do with ROM Assessments? 


Each new client starts with a ROM evaluation and Flexibility and Mobility Program. Their second session is a results review supported with professional reports, digital access to their program, and personal instruction on how to complete their flexibility and mobility program. Empowered by the process, you present as a highly competent and professional personal trainer that offers more than just personal training. Set yourself apart in this competitive industry with Kinesics.


Objective Data

Each ROM has an optimal range measured in degrees. If the measurement is not in this range, the joint and associated muscles are either tight or hyper mobile.

Balance and Alignment

Identify if the right side of the body measures the same as the left side of the body. Stretch recommendations may not be bilateral.

Regular ROM Assessments

Monitor progress with regular ROM assessments and update your stretch recommendations as needed. This provides you with an ongoing revenue stream, and elevates your professional perception.


This Could be you…

“I raised my rates and my client’s have never been happier!”

“I’m selling ROM assessments and flexility programs to local athletic teams and companies a value add for their corporate wellness program.”

“Finally filled those day time hours!”

Word of mouth referrals have increased since I’ve added ROM assessments and flexibility programs.”

“My clients are saying this has made them feel better than they’ve ever felt!

“I feel confident and proud to be an expert in my field. Other trainers are looking to me as a mentor.”

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