Halo Kinesics Sales Training Course


    This course provides all of the information necessary to enable sales with an effortless conversation about the benefits of the Halo-Kinesics Set.

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Restate the benefits of the HALO Digital Device
    • Compare the advantages of the Halo over the goniometer
    • Answer frequently asked questions about the HALO Kinesics Set
    • Conduct 10 measurements using the HALO Digital Device
    • Provide customer support for getting started using the HALO Kinesics Set

    Video Reference Library


    Introduction to the HALO Kinesics Set

    Introduction to the overall learning objectives of the HALO Kinesics Set Sales Training Course.

    General Sales Video

    This video delivers the topics, flow, and order of a HALO Kinesics Set sales presentation. 

    HALO Kinesics Set vs. Goniometer

    This video compares the goniometer to the HALO, reviews the disadvantages of the goniometer, and explains the benefits of the HALO. 

    HALO Maintenance, Care, and Safety

    Learn how to care for, maintain, and safely use the HALO.  

    How to Affix the HALO to the Kinesics Base

    Learn how to attach the HALO to the Kinesics base.

    HALO Operation

    Learn the anatomy of the HALO and how to operate the HALO. 

    How to Conduct 10 ROM Measurements 

    In this video you will learn how to demonstrate the steps for conducting 10 range of motion measurements with a HALO Kinesics Set.


    PDF Reference Library



    General Education Flyer 

    This flyer generalizes the education offerings that are part of the Kinesics Education platform.


    HALO Features

    An overview of the HALO features


    Bond University Validation Trial

    A reliability and concurrent validity study


    Kinesics Practical Evaluation Course (KPEC) Flyer

    This flyer goes into detail of what the KPEC offers and also the features and benefits.


    HALO Specifications

    An overview of the HALO specifications


    Reliability and Accuracy of Knee Goniometry Methods

    The accuracy of measurement of angles around the knee 


    HALO Quick Start Guide

    This manual covers how to get your HALO setup for first time use and also how to operate the device.


    HALO vs. Goniometer

    Compares the traditional goniometer to the HALO


    Reliability and Validity of Laser Guided Digital Goniometry

    The accuracy of angles utilizing a digital ROM device.