The Kinesics Integrated Training and Therapy (KITT) Model

The Kinesics Integrated Training and Therapy (KITT) Model is for medical, health, and wellness facilities looking to implement a system of best practices for musculoskeletal risk mitigation. KITT Licensed Facilities enjoy easy onboarding of administration and staff employees who are all professionally trained under the same system, speak one common language, and adhere to the same processes and protocols. 


a total business package

Including standard operating procedures for onboarding administration and staff, supportive materials for the end user, and new participant processes and documents.


Every resource you need

All documents are available on a password protected webpage that includes multi-media support—video tutorials and PDF downloads.


full service support

Kinesics supports its Licensed Facilities with phone consultations with a Kinesics Operations Specialist.


 What kind of staff does my facility need to support the KITT Model? 

 KITT Model Facilities employ staff with a professional scope of practice to conduct range of motion evaluations or assessments.

This includes but is not limited to the following professionals: physical therapy, physical therapy assistants, athletic trainers, personal trainers, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and chiropractors.


All Staff are Trained to

Use a standardized process for implementing training and therapy protocols

Use one common language

Interface, communicate, and conduct new participant interviews

Execute best practices per case

Identify + Mitigate Musculoskeletal Risk

Conduct the Kinesics App range of motion evaluations, assessments, and re-evaluations to identify vulnerabilities for injury

Design in-app customized flexibility and mobility programs to address areas of musculoskeletal risk

Conduct results reviews with participants

Instruct participants on how to execute stretching, mobilizations, and exercises


Training + Therapy Best Practices

Understand the theoretical and practical applications of cable-based training and therapy

Chart and record subjective and objective notes in a HIPAA compliant format