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It all starts with Theory...

Theory is an online, self-paced educational course that provides a thorough understanding of the underlying principles and concepts in human movement and are expanded upon in our more advanced Training (KTC) and Evaluation (KEC) courses.

Upon completion of Theory,

the professional can enroll in any one of the more advanced online self-paced learning courses to gain more theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as obtain advanced skill sets that can be immediately applied within their current work environments.


What are the 3 Classifications of Training for Kinesics Exercises?

  • Rehab, corrective, and conventional
  • Single joint and multi-joint
  • Single plane and multi-plane
  • Foundational, integrated and training

Which best describes the function of a neutralizer muscle?

  • The prime mover that produces the main action
  • Works opposite the agonist in an eccentric manner
  • Assists the agonist
  • Prevents undesired action of agonist and controls the contraction of the agonist

One key aspect of the Intra abdominal X theory is the importance of obtaining abdominal bracing and bilateral activation in the abdominal region to help fight rotation, side bending and excessive extension during exercises.

  • True

  • False

The proper execution of the Quadruped TVA is as follows: the hips are positioned over the knees, the shoulders are positioned over the hands and the elbows are slightly bent. Exhale and pull the navel into spine to activate the deep spinal muscles.

  • True

  • False


How should the pelvis be positioned in a bilateral stance on any cable based exercise?

  • Lateral shift with the weight more on one side
  • Rotated to one side
  • Anteriorly and posteriorly tilted
  • Squared off, level and centered

As we move the cable lower to the ground, the Intra Abdominal X must activate and stabilize to a greater degree. 

  • True
  • False

We know it is critical to establish proper Intra Abdominal X activation with the KTC 1 Intra Abdominal X foundational exercises.
The Intra Abdominal X deals with Intra Abdominal Pressure. Therefore, Intra Abdominal X provides in pushing movements:

  • Neutral pelvic tilt
  • Neutral lumbar angle and thoracic extension
  • Segmental spinal stability and thoracic rotation
  • All of the above

The three main concepts regarding torso position include:

  • Orientation, bilateral, and inclination

  • Location, inclination, and rotation

  • Orientation, location, and inclination

  • Rotation, orientation, and location