Flexibility and Mobility Program Design

With Range Of Motion Data

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 Data Driven Flexibility And Mobility Programs

Learn how to design Flexibility and Mobility Programs from range of motion measurement data you collect using the Kinesics App Results Report.

This course was designed for Kinesics App subscribers to gain a deeper understanding of how to design effective in-app programs. 

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In This eCourse You Will Learn…

The correlation between muscle-length tension, posture and movement mechanics

4 types of flexibility and mobility activities—as well as the benefits, indications, and contraindications for each

How to design a Flexibility and Mobility program using the Kinesics ROM measurement data

How to conduct a Kinesics ROM results review session


Get Instant Access To All eCourse Materials

7 video modules

1 downloadable manual

20 question quiz at the end of the course

Certificate of completion is autogenerated. Learners have 3 attempts to take the quiz with a passing score of 70% of higher.

Video Modules Include

Video 1: Intro to ROM testing

Video 2: ROM and Posture

Video 3: Biomechanics and Structural Stability

Video 4: Muscle Function

Video 5: Types of Flexibility and Mobility

Video 6: Design a Flexibility and Mobility Program

Video 7: Conduct a Results Review


Take Your Practice To The Next Level With Custom Data-Driven Flexibility and Mobility Programs!

This course is designed for busy, on-the-go professionals

Less than 1 hour of total video run time

All you need is 10 minutes

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