Revenue Generation

With Range of Motion Assessments

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In this course, you’ll get the process, the sales pitch, and supportive business materials to market range of motion assessments using the Kinesics App. 

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We’ll give you the tools you need to:

Capture new clients

Improve client retention

Offer new service lines

Land accounts in corporate wellness, athletics, and build a strong referral network with healthcare professionals


Lead Generation Tools

Get access to a multi-media library of video links, printouts, and pre-written email templates. Client acquisition has never been easier.

Resource Library

Increase your value and professionalism with high-quality handouts to prepare your participants for their evaluation.

Education Support

This course is included in the Kinesics Academy—free with a Kinesics app subscription.

 What are people saying…

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Christian Daigle, Personal Trainer

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