Are you already taking range of motion measurements in your practice?



Identify vulnerability for injury, Save time, and track progress.

Enter the range of motion measurement data into the Kinesics App and get 1-Click Reporting!

Reports feature detailed analysis, summaries, and graphical representations of the results.

Generate Comparative Reports for up to 3 evaluations to prove the efficacy of your programs.

Corrective Programs.png

Design in-app Customized Flexibility Programs.

The Kinesics app is intuitive and recommends flexibility and self-myofascial release activities relative to the measurement taken.

You have full autonomy to select your own program variables. The app database has over 200 flexibility and mobility activities including AIS, Static Stretches, Dynamic Stretches, and Self-Myofascial Release.


Increase participant engagement and compliance.

Participants can access their programs, check-in, and view video tutorials so they feel confident executing stretches and mobilizations on their own.


HIPAA compliant platform.

This all-in-one platform stores range of motion measurements, notes, results, programs, tracks progress and objectively proves the effectiveness of your programs.

Increase productivity, participant motivation, and drive more revenue with the Kinesics App!

Try it risk-free. No credit card required.


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