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At Kinesics, we understand movement is communication and pain is expensive. 

Our Mission 

Kinesics' mission is to provide the data on the human body so that professionals, organizations, corporations, and institutions can implement the proper data driven decisions for the people they work with and that work for them, in order to make money and save money on getting and keeping people out of pain.

Our Vision

To become the preeminent education and biotech software platform that equips professionals with the skills and tools needed to assess and address the body’s specific imbalances, asymmetries and hidden sources of functional limitations.

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Gerald Drefahl, CEO

Gerald Drefahl is a renowned expert and innovator in the fields of rehabilitation and corrective kinesiology. Drefahl is the founder of Kinesics, a continuing education and software company, and the CEO of FITT, a private pay integrated wellness facility.

We have been able to perfect our education and software platform by partnering with some of the industries leading influencers.
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Become a Partner

We work with national and international equipment manufacturers, fitness and wellness facilities, technology companies, management companies, regional hospital and allied healthcare systems, corporations, and universities.