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where does the Kinesics App come in?

The Kinesics App analyzes range of motion measurement data to identify vulnerabilities for injury. Simply select a measurement template, enter the measurement data and generate a detailed, objective report with 1-Click. Kinesics App Reports identify the musculoskeletal restrictions that deviate from the reference range, the percent of asymmetry from right to left, and the overall percent of ideal for the athlete’s body.

Each measurement that falls outside of the reference range can be assigned an in-app stretch or self-myofascial release activity to restore the ideal range of motion. Your athletes can access their Customized Flexibility Programs from the Kinesics App Participant Portal. The Participant Portal has video and PDFtutorials, and a check-in feature for accountability.


Athletic training rooms are using the Kinesics App

To obtain pre-season range of motion baselines to quantify and validate the severity of injury—should an injury occur

To proactively address vulnerability for injury

For the treatment of acute phase injury

For pre-surgical baselines, post-surgical treatment, and for decisions to return to play


Athletic Training Departments using the Kinesics app enjoy higher reimbursements, and fewer denials

Your athletic training department can bill the athlete’s primary insurance along with the submission of a Kinesics Report that supports the relevant CPT Code.


Using this reimbursement model, your training room can generate revenue while providing your athletes with invaluable preventative care.

Over time, you can analyze your organization’s data to gain insights on the trends that occur within each sport and per position.

See the PDF Reference Library for the Sample Risk IQ Reports.


PDF Reference Library

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Onboarding SOP for University Athletic Training Programs

Print and leave this with your University ATC contact. This will explain the onboarding process—from educating the staff to using the Kinesics App.


MSD Risk Brochure

Coming Soon!


Sample Risk IQ Reports

Sample Risk IQ Report

Delivers baseline data and recommended Target Populations to enroll in the MSD Risk Program

Sample Comparative Risk IQ Report

This report presents the comparative data and results from 2 evaluation periods.

Sample Custom Risk IQ Report

Organizations may request custom reporting on key Individuals or Target Populations.