Athletic Organizations 

Protect Your Athletes With Musculoskeletal Health Assessments

 Kinesics data tells a story about each athlete’s biomechanics. Key decision makers such as athletic trainers, coaches, and physicians are able to follow an athlete throughout their career to track progress, injuries, and musculoskeletal health. 


Injury Prevention

Kinesics App provides objective, quantifiable data analytics to proactively identify muscle imbalances and joint restrictions. Early in-app flexibility and mobility programs reduce the risk of injury.

Baseline Data

Injuries do happen—even under proactive care. The Kinesics App provides pre-injury baseline data to support recovery in the event an injury occurs.

Injury Recovery

Kinesics App is a great adjunct during the treatment of acute phase injury, for obtaining pre-surgical baselines, and as a component of post surgical treatment progress.


Supports Return-To-Play Decisions

The Kinesics App’s objective data is used to validate the effectiveness of flexibility and mobility programs and also supports professional decisions for return to play.


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