Identify risk for injury using biomechanical data & analytics

Occupational Impact

Discover how the Kinesics Musculoskeletal Health Program can reduce the risk of injury among your employees

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Expand your business by implementing the Kinesics Musculoskeletal Health Program

Athletic Impact

Protect your athletes with Kinesics Musculoskeletal Health Assessments and Biomechanical Data

 What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD)?

MSDs Include Injury Or Pain In Muscles, Joints, Tendons, Ligaments, And Nerves

MSDs are not attributed to a single event rather it is a cumulative trauma from workplace ergonomic stresses, repetitive movements, physiological health, fatigue, biomechanical factors such as posture and muscle imbalance.


Cost of MSDs

MSD’s are expensive, accounting for between $16-50 billion dollars in direct costs annually, 50% of all absences lasting more than 3 days, and 60% of all permanent work incapacities.


value of the kinesics data

 “Kinesics data provides a way to manage the musculoskeletal health of your organization to reduce MSK injuries and all of the associated costs. Protect your people and your organization with 1 Platform.”

Gerald Drefahl, CEO of Kinesics


Collect Baseline Data

Kinesics Baseline Data Collection offers organizations the opportunity to determine the musculoskeletal health of the members of its organization. This data can be extracted for analysis as needed.

Improve MSK Health in Target Populations

Enroll your organization’s target populations in the Kinesics MSK Health Program. Participants receive proactive Flexibility and Mobility Programs, as well as regular monitoring to reduce the risk of injury and the costs associated with a reactive approach to healthcare.

Aggregate Data Analysis & Reporting

Kinesics offers three levels of reporting including MSK Health IQ Report, Comparative Reports, and Custom Reporting. The MSK Health IQ Report is an analysis of all baseline data to identify your organization’s most at-risk Target Populations. Comparative Reports track progress over a minimum of two evaluations and provides insights on trends in Target Populations over time. Kinesics offers Custom Reporting.


 what are you going to do about MSD risk in your organization?

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