Fitness & Wellness Facilities 

Expand Your Business Using the Kinesics Injury Prevention Model

Fitness facilities have a tremendous opportunity adopting the Kinesics App to service external accounts in the occupational and athletic sectors. Kinesics’ range of motion evaluations identify areas of musculoskeletal restrictions and proactively assigns flexibility and mobility activities to promote musculoskeletal health. The occupational and athletic sectors are eager to implement proactive musculoskeletal health programs.


Fill Idle Hours

Typical personal training and wellness staff experience idle time—mid-day appointments are difficult to fill. Facilities that service external accounts can provide additional revenue for the facility as well as their staff during regular business hours.


Expand Your Reach

Community partnerships with local businesses and athletic teams provides your facility with organic marketing exposure, and opportunities for promotional coverage via local media and social media.

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Generate More Revenue

External accounts are often more lucrative than one-on-one training models. Of course your facility will serve the individual participant with range of motion evaluations and Flexibility and Mobility programs. But the real value is in the data reports. With Kinesics Reporting, organizations can identify their highest risk individuals and populations, provide them with proactive flexibility and mobility programs, and use the data to quantify the associated cost savings.


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