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In Under 15 Minutes You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know To Start Taking ROM Measurements

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HALO Maintenance, Care, and Safety

Learn how to care for, maintain, and safely use the HALO.

HALO Operation

Learn the anatomy of the HALO and how to operate the HALO. 

How to Affix the HALO to the Kinesics Base

Learn how to attach the HALO to the Kinesics base.

How to Conduct 10 ROM measurements with the HALO

Learn how to Conduct 10 ROM Measurements Using Your HALO. 

 Maximize Your HALO with the KPEC Course

Your Accuracy Is Dependent On The Standardization Of How You Take Measurements

The KPEC eCourse teaches a standardized process for 43 ROM measurements ranging from spinal curves and spinal range of motion to joint range of motion measurements—Kinesics peached you how to capture 43 objective data sets with the Halo.

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 for busy professionals on-the-go

This online course is broken down into short 5 minute modules that can be accessed anytime, from any device.


In this 30-day course you will

Learn how to operate, maintain, and care for your HALO

Conduct 43 range of motion measurements using the HALO —including measurements from the upper body, lower body, postural, and spinal segments of the body

Learn the reference range for each each measurement

Identify the most common compensations that may occur with each measurement

Download 3 printable text manuals

Earn up to 8 hours of continuing education credit


How do I get started? 

When you register, you'll gain instant access to all course materials for 30-days. Upon submission of all course quiz questions with a passing score of 70% or above, you'll receive a certificate of completion. You have 3 attempts per quiz to achieve a passing score. All answers are in the corresponding video and it's an open-video quiz! Save your certificate to submit to your professional organization for up to 8 hours of continuing education credit.

At Kinesics, our primary objective is to foster a convenient and accessible learning environment where you can acquire the skills needed to become a leader in your profession.

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