Are you an allied health, fitness, wellness, or medical professional who is taking range of motion measurements in your practice?


Analytics done for you! Save time, track progress, and justify your program’s effectiveness with objective data, reports, and comparative reports.

Take your practice to the next level and increase participant engagement with this proactive approach to musculoskeletal health!


Measurement Templates

Select a range of motion measurement template, enter the measurement data, and get 1-click reports!

In-app Reporting

Get a full picture of the musculoskeletal system’s muscle balance, alignment, and symmetry in 1-Click.
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Reports feature a color-coded body avatar, each measurements percent of ideal, the percent of asymmetry from right to left, and the overall percent of ideal for the whole body. Re-evaluate and compare data over time—it’s that simple! Comparative Reports can also compare data for up to 3 people

Customized Flexibility Programs

The Kinesics App is intuitive and recommends flexibility and mobility activities relative to the measurement taken.
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You have full autonomy to select your own program variables. The app database has over 200 flexibility and mobility activities including AIS, Static Stretches, Dynamic Stretches, and Self Myofascial Release.


Increase participant engagement and compliance with the Kinesics Participant Portal.
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Participants can access their programs, check-in, and view video tutorials to feel confident executing programs on their own.

HIPAA  compliant notes

Store range of motion measurements, notes, results, and programs in this all-in-one platform.


The grouping feature is like a digital filing cabinet— it’s how you keep your participant files organized.
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A tag is a keyword used to identify or label participants. You can tag participants by job function, sports position, type of injury—whatever makes sense to you. Tagging allows you to run Target Population Reports to gain insights on group trends.

How does the Kinesics App subscription work?

Kinesics App Subscription is a tiered subscription model that is charged monthly. Your Kinesics App subscription tier determines the number of records that may be used in a one month period.


What are records and how do they work?

  • How are records used?

    One record is used for each evaluation, assessment, and program design. Only one record is used if you conduct a participant's evaluation or assessment and create the customized flexibilty program in the same calendar day. A record is not used to update contact information, re-order current stretch programs, to generate, print, or email reports.

  • What happens if I exceed my record usage?

    If you exceed your tier's record allotment for the month, you will be offered the option to move up a Tier or pay the record overage at a price of $8.00 per record. Kinesics recommends that evaluations and program design occur in the same session to conserve record usage.

  • How can I keep track of my record usage per month?

    The Kinesics App Administrator may log in to the Web Portal and Run a Report to see record usage within a specified time frame.


We could all use more hours in a day!

Kinesics evaluates and designs a customized flexibility program in the same session—it’s efficient, saves time, and is the best use of app records!


If you are successful, we are successful!

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