What Can Kinesics Do About Your Organization?

The Kinesics Occupational Impact


Improve Safety

There is no singular cause of MSDs. Reducing the number of straws on the camel’s back, reduces the number of risk-factors and improves overall MSK Health. Employees who participate in the Musculoskeletal Health Management Program experience a reduction in biomechanical stressors, an increased fatigue threshold, and improve their capacity to perform work safely.

Centre for Egronomics & Human Factors, La Trobe University


Boost Morale & Productivity

Psychosocial factors such as job dissatisfaction, and the perception of low company or supervisor support, increases the risk for MSDs.

Beyond the ROI of an MSD Health Management Program, there is the VOI (Value on Investment). Pain is not only costly, it’s distracting and it demands attention—attention taken off of work. While MSDs are related to 50% of all absences from work. Employees who are at work but not working, a concept called presenteeism, has an estimated cost 2 to 3 times greater than direct health care expenses. The primary causes are low morale and poor health.

Harvard researches found that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies saved $2.73, improved the absentee rate, and increased employee morale which has a direct relationship with presenteeism and absenteeism. Employees who are feel their company values and cares about their well-being, develop a natural desire to perform well.

Reduce Workers Compensation Claims

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-third of all workplace injuries and illnesses resulting in lost time from work are from MSDs. They account for 34% of all workers compensation costs. Back pain is one of the most common MSD injuries with an average workers comp claim cost between $40,000 - $80,000 per employee.

Don’t wait for injury, identify vulnerabilities for injury before an occurrence and provide your employees with a proactive program.

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Improve Forecasts

The insights gained from tracking long term trends with Kinesics Reporting can be used to budget for reserve capitalization, plan for safety and loss prevention programs, and identify populations with high risk factors.


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