ROM Evaluation eLearning Course

Take Your Personal Training Practice To The Next Level With ROM Evaluations & Earn 8 CEU Hour

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ROM measurements allow you to discover exactly which muscles and joints are restricted or tight.  

Personal trainers who conduct ROM measurements can use the results (data) to develop customized flexibility and mobility programs.


Kinesics Evaluation

Conduct 43 range of motion measurements using a HALO digital goniometer—a required tool for this course

Reference Ranges

Learn the ideal reference range for each measurement and discover which measurements are ideal, moderate, or severe

Identify the Most Common Compensations

Identify the most common compensations that may occur with each measurement


Instant access to all course materials

47 short instructional videos (all under 90 seconds each)

1-5 related quiz questions per video

3 printable PDF Manuals

8 Hours of Continuing Education

You’ll receive a certificate of completion once you’ve submitted all of the course quizzes with a passing score of 70% or above.

To ensure learning comprehension and success, you have 3 attempts per quiz to achieve a passing score.

Approved by NSCA, ACSM, ACE, NASM, AFAA, Canfitpro

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Access your course anytime, anywhere!

This course was designed for busy on-the-go professionals

Each module takes about 5 minutes to complete—just pull out your phone when you have 5 minutes!

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